We’re in the news!

Well aren’t we just the bells belles of the ball? It’s been really nice to see that the press attention surrounding the opening of the RSA Academy at the beginning of November has been followed up with interest in Opening Minds more broadly – there were two articles in the TES last week, one news item and one feature, and even a passing reference in the Independent.

The media coverage of Opening Minds has placed us squarely in the debate about skills vs. knowledge which is a conversation that we’re really pleased to be having (see previous posts by Ian here and here and here).

More work is being done at our end – but we welcome contributions and thoughts to move the debate forward!

Louise Thomas


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2 responses to “We’re in the news!

  1. Louise, I really am sorry to sound like such a pedant but any organisation that wants to be taken seriously by experienced educationalists or teachers has to match the high standards they, like me, will expect, so it ought to be “belles” of the ball, not bells. Two quite different things that would really matter if you’re trying to teach a child what a metaphor is.

  2. Ian

    Thanks, Joe.

    Less of a failure of vocabulary and more just a slip of the keyboard, but it’s fixed now. 🙂

    I’m sure it won’t be the last but we’ll do our best to keep our standards of spelling and grammar high for readers.

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