Is RSA wrong about Academies…

Matthew Taylor, our chief executive went head to head on the topic of Academies last week with Fiona Millar in a debate chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby.

 It’s out tonight on TeachersTV at 9pm. If you’ve missed it on TV it will be available to view at your convenience from their web site –

 Let us know what you think of the discussion,



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3 responses to “Is RSA wrong about Academies…

  1. Barry Carpenter

    I am curious to explore the potential of the Opening Minds curriculum for children with special educational needs, in particular those with autistic spectrum disorders.
    I wondered if anyone else had experience of developing programmes of learning within the Opening Minds curriculum for this pupil population?

  2. louisethomasrsa

    Thanks Barry – we’ll have a think and an ask around and post something up here if we find anything.

    Anyone else who knows of anything, please feel free to post as well!

  3. Louise Thomas

    I’ve identified a few special schools that have been looking at or implementing Opening Minds – so drop me an email at and I’ll send you a list.

    Linking Opening Minds with SEN is certainly something that quite a few people have seen as valuable – so you’re not alone in being interested!

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