Welcome to the RSA Education Blog

Welcome to the RSA Education Team’s new blog. Let me try to explain why I hope it will be useful.

The point of this blog is to have a more regular conversation about what is on our minds with regards ideas and practice. We don’t want to meet you and then be out of touch for months at a time. This blog will keep you posted with what we are thinking about, how our work is developing, and enable you to share your thoughts and opinions. It’s only a first step down a road that I hope means we can we can shape each other’s work as we go.  

Most think tanks worry about being at the cutting edge of thinking, and about shaping government policy. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. The RSA is a bit different – for a start I’m not really sure I’d call us a think tank, though some people do.  Anyway, while we too worry about being at the cutting edge of thinking, we are preoccupied with the direct connection between ideas and action. That is something that defines our Education programme, and increasingly all of the RSA’s work. So alongside engaging with theory, we worry about classrooms.

The people that influence students’ experience of education most are teachers, school leaders, parents and students themselves. Some of the schools that have used Opening Minds (over 150 and counting!) are proof of that. They have taken that core idea, and reshaped the aims, content, and process of learning in their schools pretty dramatically. It is perhaps surprising how little policy has got in the way (and some credit for that must go to the people shaping it every day).

An important theme for the blog over the coming months will be the RSA Future Schools Network. We will be regularly covering our progress towards getting the Network up and running, the ideas that Network members will be thinking about, and some of the practical details. We want to keep people in touch, and help you shape it as we go.

My next blog post will go into a bit more detail about this new phase in RSA Education’s workWhat do you think? Is there anything else you would like the blog to cover?


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2 responses to “Welcome to the RSA Education Blog

  1. As you look at what’s happening in education, you might also want to look at what’s happening in training and development in the corporate world. The two environments operate with very different rules so the approaches and results are very different.

    People in the corporate world often feel that working with schools and colleges is like pulling your hair out. So they tend to keep their distance. However, there are a lot of improvements that can be made in education by applying principles, like quality improvement, process reengineering and effective cost controls that could make a huge difference.

  2. It seems that the RSA definition of ‘education’ means schools and school-age people, and possibly adults requiring re-skilling.
    I think that there are 2 groups of people who fell through the net in terms of education for life skills (parenting, personal behaviour, cooking etc). These are the late-teens-early-twenties group and young parents.
    These are the role models for current children, and, often, the people blamed for poor behaviour and life skills of current children.
    Does the RSA plan anything for educating them?
    I know that it will be difficult and challenging to engage with these groups, but isn’t that the challenge of the RSA?

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