Networks of knowledgeable people

In the last post I mentioned that we visit schools a lot.This means each of the team are in schools every week and have the opportunity to talk to staff and students (though probably not as often with students as we should, and our conversations with staff aren’t as ongoing as we would like).Being in a school is a constant reminder that so much knowledge is created by schools taking some pretty raw ideas and making them work in practice. There’s a close knowledge that only comes from being directly involved in delivery. There are often questions asked by schools thinking about Opening Minds, for example, to which I don’t know the answer. However, I will tend to know someone who does. Almost invariable, they will be people who have had to work through a similar issue in detail to implement change in their school. There’s nothing new to practitioners having tonnes of knowledge that others need.But, what is new is RSA Networks. The RSA is making a major effort to understand how we can create networks which, on their simplest level, mean that you have a connection to the people who you really want to ask questions, and whose questions you can answer. Hopefully it will go beyond simple questioning to sharing ideas and resources, and ultimately making a difference to our schools together. About 90% of you said you would when we surveyed you last term…What will this mean? Well, one of the main things is that the RSA Education team is working to create an online platform for some of this sharing to happen in the Spring. In slightly different ways we hope it will support both Opening Minds, and our RSA Future Schools Network.  

We’ll be meeting the web developers again in a few days. Tell me what you think about these ideas, and anything about what you want to see the new site.


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2 responses to “Networks of knowledgeable people

  1. Jon Kinson

    Will the network allow the creation of an interschool VLE, or will allow for shared items to be downloaded to individual school sites? Are there any VLE tasks already set up for use with Opening Minds?

  2. rsaeducation

    Really interesting thought – thanks Jon.

    Shirelands Academy has developed content for areas of their curriculum based on Opening Minds – they call theirs ‘eclips’ having created an enterprise category of competence.

    Certainly the development of interschool resources or infrastructure is something the Future Schools Network could well explore. It would be interesting to hear if other members think it could be a useful priority.

    One can immediately see some benefits, but there would be interesting challenges too – would shared resources like this inhibit schools involvement in curriculum development, for example?

    What do others think about this issue?

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